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    A lot bigger update this time.
    -Decided to stop training Patrat, Lilipup, Purrloin and Munna
    -moved on to the next route (3?)
    -fought all the trainers
    -Caught Blitzkrieg the Blitzle (Blitzkrieg is a german word for lightning war)
    -Beat up Team Plasma
    -Caught Rockenroll the Roggenrola, Cheery the Woobat, and Excaburrow the Drilbur (would've named it Excaburro, but then I realized what Burro meant in Spanish)
    -Fought through some more trainers
    -Got to the City with the normal type gym (I can't remember these names!!!)
    -Caught Constro the Timbur and Brawn the Throh
    -Discovered I could grind really fast by fighting Audinos
    -Grinded everything to level 17 (20 for my fighting types)
    -Evolved Tsunamurai the Oshawott into Dewott
    -Completely annhialated the Normal type gym.
    -Witnessed team Plasma stealing a Pokemon Skull from a fossil

    Current Party
    Tsunamurai the Dewott, lv. 18
    Rockenroll the Roggenrola, lv. 17
    Cheery the Woobat, lv. 18
    Blitzkrieg the Blitzle, lv. 18
    Constro the Timbur, lv. 20
    Brawn the Throh, lv. 20
    In progress

    Hoenn, 1 Badge
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