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    So at around ten am, I forced my lazy butt out of bed and into my grandmas car so she could take me to gamestop and I could finally obtain the game ive been waiting for for what seems like years even though it was only around six months and even though I was home by eleven, I wasn’t able to play the game until a few hours ago. (run-on sentence for the win?) I currently have around two and a half hours clocked in, and im on route three.

    Notable Events:

    -Chose male protagonist.
    -Chose Snivy. <3
    -Decided against giving nicknames to my Pokemon, hoping this method will familiarize me with the American names.
    -Lost one of the first battles to Cheren. Doh. >.<
    -Feels bad for Bianca. :/
    -Route 1 was a breeze.
    -Not sure why, but I love Accumula Town. <3
    -Caught a Purrloin and a Patrat on route 2.
    -Got my first badge. :D
    -I saw my first shaking patch in the Dreamyard, but got intercepted by a wild Pokemon. :(
    -Lmao @ little preschooler wanting his Pansage to hyper beam. x)
    -Lmao @ fact that you can climb on a slide, but you cant sit on chairs or lay in beds anymore.
    -Caught Pidove.

    Current Team:

    Snivy | lv 14 | Overgrow
    tackle | growth | vine whip | wrap
    I am DEFINITELY keeping him on my team. Hes just so cute. :D im unsure if wrap is a worthy move though. :/

    Patrat | lv 13 | Run Away
    tackle | leer | bite | sand-attack
    I heard bad things about this guy, so I was kind of iffy on whether I should have caught him or not. Im not sure if im going to keep him throughout my play-through. Only time can tell.

    Purrloin | lv 12 | Limber
    scratch | fury swipes | assist | sand-attack
    Basically the same thing as Patrat, except she doesn’t have STAB, unless shes lucky and assists bite. Also, I cant tell whats worse: scratch or fury swipes. >.<

    Pidove | lv 10 | Super Luck
    gust | growl | leer
    Hes the newest member of my team. I havnt even tried him out. :o


    After a couple days of training my team and running around the south-east side of Unova, ive come to you all with another update. :D

    Notable Events:

    -After running around Route Three, I ran into my first Aiduno. :D It felt good to finally murder one of those pink creatures ive heard so much about. >:)
    -Caught a Tympole.
    -Running around in the area right before Pinwheel Forest, I almost died in a wild double battle. D:
    -It was then that I realized I had a major weakness to fighting type moves. :/
    -During the battle with N before the gym battle, my Snivy evolved. :D
    -Obtained second badge. :)
    -Traveled all the way back to Nuvema Town to search for hidden items using the Dowsing Machine.
    -Caught a Venipede in Pinwheel Forest.
    - Purrloin Evolved. :D
    -WTF. There are cars? :O
    -Whhyyyyy is this bridge soooo loooonnnggggggg.

    Current Team:

    | lv 20 | Overgrow
    Growth | Leech Seed | Tackle | Leaf Tornado
    For some reason he wasn’t hitting as hard as I liked, but since his evolution, hes doing just fine. Hes holding the Miracle Seed I obtained from some girl in Nacrene City.

    | lv 19 | Run Away
    Leer | Hypnosis | Crunch | Tackle
    I know Tackle gets STAB, but I cant tell whether it or Crunch does more. He evolves super soon. Too bad he has a sucky ability.

    | lv 20 | Limber
    Assist | Sand-Attack | Fury Swipes | Thief
    As a Purrloin, I was really thinking about dropping her from my team. Even with STAB Thief, she barely did any damage. But recently, shes had lots of luck with Assist, getting moves such as Crunch, Round, and Roost. I havnt tested her out as a Liepard yet, but her stats look really good compared to my other team members.

    | lv 19 | Super Luck
    Roost | Work Up | Quick Attack | Air Cutter
    Air Cutter plus Super Luck equals win. And if for some reason he does get low on HP, Roost takes care of the job.

    | lv 19 | Swift Swim
    Supersonic | Bubblebeam | Mud Shot | Round
    This guy is my main Special Attacker. Plus, he isnt weak to Fighting, which like half my team is. Too bad he has a not-so-good ability.

    | lv 19 | Swarm
    Protect | Screech | Poison Tail | Pursuit
    The newest member of my team. I havnt tried out Poison Tail yet, but im hoping its much better than the weak Poison Sting he was using before. I don’t use Protect, and rarely do I use Pursuit. Contemplating whether I should exchange it for Rock Smash.