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    I was EV training my Scraggy to be a heavy hitter in Attack. Now I looked up how to EV train, where I can go to train Attack and so on. I battled against 76 wild Patrat/Lillipup for what I had believed to be 1 EV each, and I had the MAcho Brace on to double into 2.

    This yields 152 EV's if the numbers for Patrat/Lillipup are correct. Now the max is 255 (or 252 for EV's that actaully matter) so I tried to give my Scraggy protein to get him to max. When I try to use it I am told that it will have no effect.

    I was just curious about why my calculations are wrong and such. I'm new to EV training so it might just be something I did wrong or overlooked.

    BTW: My Scraggy was caught at level 17, and had no prior battle experience when I began it's training. It has an Adamant nature as well.

    Really appreciate any help that can be offered. Thanks.