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I tend to nickname every single Pokemon I catch, no matter how forgettable it may be. I'll just list my team's nicknames...

  • Hiro the Servine: Snivy looks like Excalibur from the manga/anime Soul Eater and one of the few people able to wield Excalibur was Hiro.
  • Ceino the Simipour: Ceino as in See No Evil, which is what I believe Panpour and Simipour are based upon.
  • Rayban the Krokorok: The black membrane over Krokorok and his evolution's eyes look like sunglasses and Ray-Ban is a designer brand of sunglasses.
  • Mashima the Darumaka: Mashima refers to the Mashima family from the Tekken series. They are all viciously strong and have giant eyebrows like Darumaka and Darmanitan.
  • Jimihat the Solosis: Jimihat as in Jimmy Hat since the entire Solosis line reminds me of a growing embryo...and you stop the creation of such a thing with a jimmy hat XD
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