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My team are as follows:

Tempo the Serperior - I know, the line has nothing to do with timing or Own Tempo or anything, but I wanted something that sounded better than Smugleaf, and, well...

Marik the Liepard - Neko Neko Marik! I'm such an Abridged Series fan >w< (and I luuurve Neko Neko Marik)

Pendant the Simipour - I'm pretty spontaneous when I name Pokémon. I was all like "Panpour? Well, Pendant sounds a bit like Panpour. Perfect!"

Fawke the Unfezant - named for an OC of mine who was a boy with wings. If the Pidove had turned out to be a girl, she would have been Etha, Fawke's counterpart in the story. :B

Comet the Zebstrika - named after a reindeer. This was after I'd seen a Sawsbuck, too. Somehow, I managed to associate Blitzle with Blitzen, and then to the other reindeer, and then Comet.

Tardigrade the Reuniclus - because tardigrades are squishy-adorable and Solosis are squishy-adorable, and Reunclus has an air of tardigrade in its design. I really love tardigrades. :P

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