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Entry 3
-Beat Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest
- Traveled on to Castelia City
- Spent hours in Castelia exploring
- Got back Bianca's Munna
- Did some surveys
- Reunited the three dancers
- Beat Burgh on second go
- Beat Bianca and Cheren
- Got lost in the desert
- Collected Plume Fossil
- Resurrected and Archen
- Traveled all the way back to Castelia
- Visited the name rater.
- Called Archen Kaori on IRC
- Traveled to Nimbasa City
- Battled people in the baseball and tennis field.
- Beat N

Medusa. Lv 29. Leaf Tornado, Tackle, Vine Whip, Leech Seed
Petunia. Lv 28. Psybeam, Psy Wave, Moonlight, Yawn
Lily. Lv 28. Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Growth, Sleep Powder.

Kaori. Lv 25. Ancient Power, Quick Defense, Pluck, Agility.
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