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-Started up in Desert Resort
-Caught Tombask the Yamask
-Got Plume fossil
-Revived it into Jurassai the Archen
-Defeated Eresa (4th gym)
-Met Alder
-Caught Sunny the Solosis and Capuccino the Minccino
-Traveled to Driftveil City
-Defeated Team Plasma in Cold Storage
-Defeated Clay
-Scorpede evolved into Scolipede!
Saved Midway up Route 6

Tsunamurai the Dewott, lv. 29
Tombask the Yamask, lv. 28
Scraggai the Scraggy, lv. 28
Jurassai the Archen, lv. 30
Cottonee the Fluffee, lv. 32
Scorpede the Scolipede, lv. 30
In progress

Hoenn, 1 Badge
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