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Proper (Or Preferred) Challenges

Plenty of challenges are sent in that have potential, but many are unorganized, have no set rules, don't follow the rules, etc. This post will be a guide and show an example of how a challenge should be posted.

Before you send a challenge in for approval, please make sure you've done the following things:

Check for duplicates
Please make sure you check to see if there is already a thread for that challenge! There have been many cases in which a challenge had a different name than what someone expected it to have, and thus a duplicate is sent in. Please check threads just to make sure!

Know what game(s) this is for
Decide on what games your challenge will be for. If your challenge is meant only for Gold, Silver, and Crystal, then when making the thread, please select the GSC prefix, or whichever prefix corresponds to your challenge. If your challenge is for a spin-off game, there is a prefix for that, as well as a prefix for hacks if your challenge is for a ROM hack. No matter what the hack or spin off is, please use the corresponding prefix. If your challenge covers more than what one prefix says, it is classified under the Misc. prefix. No one but the moderator or anyone else approved is allowed to use the event prefix.

Realize that you MUST participate
Make sure that in your first post, you mention that you are participating in your challenge, otherwise it will not get approved. If you want your challenge to be made, but cannot participate, post about it in the CI&D and maybe someone will adopt it and make it, and you can join it later when you have the time/free game to do so.

My biggest pet peeve is listing rules and explanations in spoilers. It's fine if you want to keep the first post short, but by putting spoilers, it's just tedious. Spoilers are meant to be for things that are, well, spoilers, as well as hide a list that will get long, like a challenger or champion list. But rules are something that someone wants to see off the bat. It looks much better to have the explanation and such right in front of us, rather than having to open a spoiler every time we want to go over the rules. Spoilers are fine for challenger and champion lists though, or in some cases, challenges that have a long list of questions, such as the Personality Challenge. But basic rules shouldn't have to be hidden as if they're secret.

The "preferred" style

Below are two examples of how challenges are preferred to be looked at when sent in. The moderator will not approve a challenge that has no rules, no organization, etc. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful set up, but you wouldn't believe how many challenges wait on approval that don't even have rules, or barely any rules at all. Please make sure you have rules clearly listed and explained. Remember, it doesn't have to look fancy, just at least presentable and coherent.

Myrrhman's Ultimate Solo Challenge thread:
Here's a nice big combined list of all the solo challenges. For those who don't know, rules follow...

1. You beat a game with only one Pokemon. That's why its a solo challenge.
2. Like usual, the challenge is over when you beat the elite four in Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh games, Red in Johto games, and the champion in Isshu games.
3. Yes you can use HM Slaves, but only three.
4. Of course you can use emulators, and the speed button, just don't cheat unless...
5. If the Pokemon you want to solo run is not available before the first gym, you may either hack in the Pokemon or trade in an egg. Sure, you can use egg moves.
6. It is never too late to sign up, you will always be accepted, so what are you waiting on?!?! Get started!

Ultimate Solo:
One solo challenge too easy for you? Try the ultimate solo challenge. For this challenge, select a single Pokemon (like the regular solo). But, you have to beat a Kanto game, Johto game, Hoenn game, and Sinnoh game to complete the challenge. One from each region. You can beat FireRed or Blue, or Green and they will all count for Kanto. You may also play through established Pokemon Hacks of a generation. I say established so that you can't make your own hack where you start with 99 rare candies in your PC; that's cheating.

  • You do not have to beat Black or White to complete your solo challenge. For most people, the game hasn't officially come out in their language, and so Black/White will not be required until about a month after it is released. If you have access to Black or White and complete it with your solo Pokemon at the end of an ultimate solo challenge, your name will appear in brackets on the champions list.
  • Hacks are acceptable. If you are doing an Ultimate Challenge, your hack will just replace the game it is a hack of, and you will move through the OP like you are playing the originals. For instance, if you play Brown, Shiny Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond, it will be treated as if you played Red, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond. However, if you are not playing through the Ultimate Challenge, and instead are just doing a single solo challenge, your name will appear under the category 'Hacks'

List of Challengers:
RBY: Conor73 w/ Venusaur, Suicune™ w/ Rapidash
RSE: shinysweety w/ Bellosom, 649 w/ Zigzagoon, Kebs w/ Slaking, Magmorter w/ Gengar, zhinc w/ Blaziken
FRLG: Hallylicious w/ Tentacruel, Ragnia w/ Sableye, mochilicious w/ Rapidash, daichi111 w/ Slowbro, samusus w/ Ninetails, TheMightyMrPlow w/ Magmar, tachikaze316 w/ Luvdisc
DPPt: Meduza w/ Piplup, theoblivinator w/ Drapion, brodioh w/ Roserade, deku w/ Walrein, Ramsie w/ Torterra
HGSS: killerpenguin w/ Geodude, Zhinc w/ Feraligatr, Zaroas w/ Scyther, ger345 w/ Dragonite
BW: wingman11 w/ Scolipede
Hacks: Lord_Storm (firered386) w/ Alakazam

List of Champions:
RBY: Myrrhman (Starmie, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Butterfree, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Lapras), Michfan (Lapras), Sceptile0111 (Nidoking), institutions (Primeape), .Kaiser (Pikachu), potatoman12 (Charizard), redsaber5859 (Pikachu), FANOFFIRESTARTERS (Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Hypno, Alakazam, Dragonite, Gengar, Cloyster, Machamp, Wigglytuff, Aerodactyl, Butterfree, Snorlax, Kabutops, Golduck, Dugtrio, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Rhydon), Roughsponge (Nidoqueen, Pikachu), dragonomega (Pidgeot), InfernoRogue (Dewgong), Rainbow-Sasuke (Gengar)
GSC: Bart Crab (Noctowl), .Kaiser (Typhlosion) (Scyther) (Blissey), pringles_king (Tyrannitar), Jacob77 (Granbull), jujuju (Nidoking, Donphan, Venomoth, Typhlosion, Quagsire) (Quagsire), Socrotas (Dunsparce), bz5566 (Totodile), Ober (Dodrio), Ataraxia (Jynx), Popuri (Scizor), Agressor (Hypno), ConnorV (Dragonite), disco_x (Muk, Ursaring), cazzum (Kabutops), RedBattler (Pikachu), theking6 (Blastoise), IDoLikeMudkip (Feraligatr), Rainbow-Sasuke (Donphan), institutions (Primeape), folkedahl (Dragonite)
RSE: Bello (Swampert), ITz_SPADEZz (Metagross), GliscorFan08 (Salamence, Walrein), Agumon (Aggron), deadmanwalking (Armaldo), Negative-Zero (Machamp), Xephyr (Beautifly), Westie7 (Lanturn), Pikachukid (Azumarril), Syrynn (Absol), Lil naps (Ralts), Roughsponge (Walrein), imevil (Blaziken), Lockmaster24 (Blaziken), Xilfer123 (Vibrava), Timmetje (Linoone)
Cid (Electabuzz), Eternal Nightmare (Jynx), boomerjp (Venusaur), samusus (Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise), otaku-dono (Raticate), 11wildy (Eevee), mamoswineftw (Weezing)
Thunderpunch (Walrein), Tory558 (Absol, Dratini), Volroc (PorygonZ), Haxeray (Pidgey), deku (Exploud), MareBear (Golduck), Sakshi (Infernape), brodioh (Bronzong)
RedJoker25 (Cyndaquil), Ian Watkins (Butterfree), Conor (Gengar), Porygon Z (Porygon-Z), Blastbunker (Typhlosion, AnimaBee (Tyranitar, Poliwrath), Azumin (Pidgeot), polkop (Feraligatr), AvianAzure (Tauros), MareBear (Banette), jdthebud (Kingdra), Zhinc (Feraligatr)
Wingman11 (Doryuuzu)
Lord_Storm (Emerald386 Alakazam, Sapphire386 Alakazam)

Ultimate Solo is special, so he gets his own section:
cazzler (Feraligatr), Timmetje (Remoraid), Spartan557 (Scizor), Toasty Woodman (Kecleon), Rida (Jolteon), Zeko (Charizard), nabooru (Absol)

Lopnis (Dusknoir), mamoswineftw (Mawile), mikpeters (Hitmonchan), DefiningTheDecade (Charizard), TheUltmateFail (Rattata), Joker4515 (Farfetch'd), mamoswineftw (Crobat)

jdthebud (Girafarig), infernorogue (Dewgong)

Lord_Storm (Charizard)

Daniehej and Tyrannitar
koldsned and Venusaur
[Stargate1995 and Metagross]
Wingman11 and Metagross, Nidoking, and Zangoose
Stargate1995 and Kabutops
Lord Storm and Venusaur
jdthebud and Arcanine
mamoswineftw and Lickitung
Imperator161 and Blastoise

Sydian's BW Favorite Challenge V2 thread
The Favorite Challenge

Before Starting...
I suggest going to Serebii's Pokedex so you can see a list of Pokemon for each type. You will need to make a list of your favorite 6 Pokemon from each type, even the types you don't like. Have it typed up in Notepad or MS Word. You're not required to post this list, but if you really want to, please put it in spoiler tags. The reason for this is so people that have relatively weak favorites (Pikachu, Sunkern, Metapod...? XD) don't get completely screwed by the person assigned their team.

Once you make your list, then you're good to sign up. The next person to sign up will choose 6 types (so teams of 6 are required for this challenge). Let's say they pick Rock, Bug, Fire, Dragon, Dark, and Ghost. You would have to use your first fave rock, 2nd fave bug, 3rd fave fire, etc. Get me? ;)

Original concept by Master Strife.

The Rules...
1. Cheating/hacking in certain Pokemon is allowed only if necessary (events or inability to trade). Yes, this means you are able to hack Kerudio, Meloetta, and Genesect. If you don't have the means to do this, please refrain from having them listed.
2. Trading is allowed for all Pokemon, including for eggs.
3. Please don't lie about your favorites in your list for those of you not posting it. If you have a team of Ho-oh, Deoxys, Heatran, etc., then I might have to assign you different types.
4. HM slaves are allowed.
5. Emulators are allowed.
6. This is a Black and White exclusive challenge now. Do NOT enter on any previous generation games.
7. When signing up, if you have even one legendary in one of your top 6 for any type, you must say so.
8. A Pokemon can be listed as a favorite for more than one type. (ex. Whiscash can be a favorite Water and Ground). However, this runs the risk of using two of the same Pokemon, so be careful when making your list.
9. Challenge ends after defeating Alder.
10. If you end up with a Pokemon that's not fully evolved, you must keep it that way. That NFE Pokemon is what's in your favorites, not the evolution (in some cases).

If you have any questions, please VM me. If you post in here, there's no guarantee I will see it immediately!

The Alternate Challenge...
If you do not have the ability to obtain gen I-IV Pokemon (or would prefer this method entirely), list only 1 Unova Pokemon per type. With this method, you run a higher risk of using two of the same Pokemon, so be wary. When your types are assigned, you'll just go with the first and only thing you have listed for that type.

The Forme Factor...
Some Pokemon change type upon form, and others don't. When making your list, please do not list specific forms. If you meet a certain criteria, you will be allowed to change forms.

List of form changes and rules for those:
Deoxys is allowed to change forms because they're all Psychic.
Burmy and Wormadam are allowed to be the form of your choice if they are assigned as your Bug type. These are the only Pokemon you can list a specific form for in your list of favorites.
Rotom may only change forms if he is your assigned Electric type. If he's your Ghost type, you cannot change form, as changing Rotom's form in Gen V loses the Ghost typing.
Giratina is allowed to change forms because he remains Dragon and Ghost.
Shaymin is allowed to change form because both forms are Grass.
Meloetta is allowed to change forms no matter how it's assigned, since it only changes form for in-battle.
Arceus must remain Normal type.
All other forms not listed are allowed to change, since they are minor and/or only in-battle form changes. (Castform, Cherrim, Basculin, Shellos/Gastrodon, Unown, Deerling/Sawsbuck)

Sign-up Format...
User: Sydian
Game: Black
# of Legendaries in list: 9
Here you can post your list. I'm not going to, but this was just an example. Posting your list is optional though, remember!



Please VM/PM me with the link to your final update when you finish!

Notice there is an explanation of what the challenge is, an organized list of rules, and even a list of challengers and champions. Note that your challenge does not require a list of challengers and champions, as it can get difficult to manage. But rules are a requirement and, although not necessary for fairly simple challenges, an explanation about the challenge is nice.

The "yeah there is no way this will be approved" style

Anonymous user's thread
This is a game my friends play for some reason, but i thought i would just post it even though it's pretty stupid.
My friends start new games on there old games and everytime a pokemon of theirs faints you have to release it, i don't find any fun in it but others could!

Seem similar? This would have been avoided had the poster looked around and noticed this is very similar to, if not exactly, a Nuzlocke challenge, which already has a thread. Also, there is no set of rules (other than just releasing Pokemon, which is very vague) and not much substance to the explanation of the challenge. Not only that, but this person hasn't even signed up for it, and in fact just posts it "because others might like it," which is very much against this section's rules.

I hope that this small guide will help bring about cleaner looking challenges, and do note that from this point on, I will be a bit more strict about what I let come through. Thank you for reading! If you have anything you would like me to add that I might have missed, please message me.

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