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Dear Journal,

It had been raining this morning, but that wasn't going to dampen my mood on what I had been preparing my Pokémon to do all yesterday afternoon. Ready to face Driftveil City's Gym Leader, Clay, I stormed towards the gym with Duckling, Excadrill, and Duosion on my team.

Engaging in battle, Duckling managed to knock out his first Pokémon only to be recalled when he sent out his own Excadrill. Ready for a challenge, I decided to test out just who's Excadrill was stronger. After a little give and take on our Pokémon's part, my Excadrill managed to come out on top. Sending out his final Pokémon, Duckling pulled off a swift victory, and with that, we earned our fifth gym badge in Unova; the Quake Badge.

Deciding to head to the next city, I managed to pull together the rest of my team and head forth towards Chargestone Cave. Unfortunately to my dismay, the entrance had been blocked all thanks to Team Plasma. Luckily, Clay came along and was able to free the entry way. Wishing me luck on my journey, he went his way back toward the gym while I took my path forward.

Not too long after venturing into Chargestone Cave, I was ambushed by these ninjas, who then confronted me with N who said Ghetsis was waiting at the end of the cave to see what kind of potential I had - or something like that anyway. Soon after leaving, I decided to continue on paying no attention to N's remark and came across Bianca and Professor Juniper. Wanting me to get stronger and fill up my PokéDex, she rewarded me the Lucky Egg; which by the way, I find very useful.

While in Chargestone Cave, I decided to capture a wild Joltik. Currently he's not with me, but with some spare time before my next gym match, I plan on picking him up from the PC system and training him.

I must say, throughout Chargestone Cave, quite a few events took place. My Duckling had evolved into a Swanna, my Darumaka learned two new moves and in return also evolved into a Darmanitan. Lastly, my first Pokémon I obtained from the start of my journey in Unova, Oshawott, evolved into its final stage, Samurott. Upon this mass of evolutions, my Excadrill learned a new move, Earthquake!

Finally arriving to the end of the long, winding Chargestone Cave, I came upon N once more. Here, he challenged me to a battle with all of the Pokémon he managed to catch right there within that cave. Seeing as they were new to him, I single-handedly swept his entire team with my Scraggy.

Still not understanding his goals, he rushed off after finding disagreement with the upcoming Professor Juniper and Bianca. After they made their departure, I too decided to finally get myself out of the electric-based area and finding myself in Mistralton City for the first time.

Just taking a short walk away from the city's Pokémon center, I had the honor of meeting both the Mistralton Gym Leader, Skyla, and Professor Juniper's own father, Professor Juniper! Talk about your mix up, the old man had me confused when he first called me out in the middle of the street. No bother, it was a pleasure to meet the Professor.

Currently, I'm residing inside Mistralton's Pokémon Center while I prepare to head out in the morning and see what the city has to offer. One thing is for sure, I don't plan on leaving without my next gym badge.

Until next time...