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A lot has happened since my last update. I managed to catch Reshiram, despite not wanting to catch it, and I defeated N and Ghetsis, along with the Elite Four, which was quite easy, except for Caitlin. Now I'm running around, catching some Pokemon, and I caught a Plusle since it's my swarm Pokemon. :D

Munchino ♂ ~ Lv. 55
Bashful Nature ~ Cute Charm
Sing ~ Tail Slap ~ Wake-up Slap ~ Rock Blast

Sydoredia ♀ ~ Lv. 53
Jolly Nature ~ Own Tempo
Petal Dance ~ Giga Drain ~ Magical Leaf ~ Quiver Dance

Moxie Girl ♀ ~ Lv. 55
Naive Nature ~ Sheer Force
Thrash ~ Fire Punch ~ Superpower ~ Flare Blitz

Lulzypop ♀ ~ Lv. 55
Quirky Nature ~ Magic Guard
Synchronoise ~ Air Slash ~ Cosmic Power ~ Psychic

Gtfolurk ~ Lv. 55
Docile Nature ~ Iron Fist
Shadow Punch ~ Earthquake ~ Mega Punch ~ DynamicPunch

- Sydoredia is amazing in every single way, except I don't have hidden power.
- Munchino is awesome against Ghetsis
- N, for being a good sport.
- Not using TMs ftw.
- Gamefreak/Nintendo, for making an awesome game. :D
- Cohagrigus, nuff said.

- Lulzypop is good early on in the game, but not so good later on.
- Sheer force lied to me. D:
- Ghetsis, for being an evil prick.