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For fans of Lucario and Riolu!

Members: 107


~ 07/31/13 (31/07/12) - Updates are slow as usual. But I updated the list of sprites and included an animated Lucario one. I'll consider working on a club banner soon. In the meantime, we haven't had an event in a while. So if anyone wants, we can have another contest according to what our members want. Also, I have updated the club's story and posted a link on the main post. It is in a google document and is quite lengthy, however I do recommend reading it. Since I honestly have not been too dedicated as a club leader, I promise to start being more active from now on. (Sorry everyone!) ~
**Feel free to contact OokamiReki if you have any questions about anything via private or visitor message**

Current Topics:
~ Club Story
~ What is your favourite nickname for a shiny Lucario/Riolu?
~ How do you feel about Lucario being in the new Pokken Tournament game?

Current Contests:

Club Milestones

[x] - Reached 50 members
[x] - Reached 100 members
[x] - Nominated as Pokemon Club of the Month (April) in 2012
[x] - Created a DeviantArt club page

Our Club's DeviantArt

To view drawings of Lucario and Riolu created by our very own club members, visit this DeviantArt group page:

I encourage all artists in this club to join the DeviantArt group and contribute to the gallery, if you want to.

Club Story

Our club's exclusive story that any member can contribute to can be found here:

This document contains the current club's story so far. If you wish to contribute to it, please read through the story first so you know what is going on, then post your addition to the story.

Contest information

This contains information about various contests that the club has such as the rules, and other important information regarding them. Any club member can participate in them.


Drawing Contest
This is a contest that involves drawing something with either Lucario, Riolu, or both depending on the kind of drawing contest it is. You don't have to be a skillful artist to participate.

  • Must be either Lucario/Riolu related. (May vary depending on contest)
  • Must not contain any profanity or inappropriate pictures or words.

Writing Contest
To participate, you must write any kind of story of your choice that relates to Lucario/Riolu. It can be as long as you like and can be submitted at any point.

  • Must be about Lucario, Riolu, or both. (May vary depending on contest)
  • Must be appropriate! (This means no inappropriate scenes, etc. If swearing is in the story, please keep it to a minimum and tell us whether it is for an audience of 13+ or not)
Wi-Fi Tournament
This involves having battles through Nintendo Wi-Fi with Lucario, Riolu, or both and under specific conditions. The rules may vary.

Contest Winners and Past Contests

Drawing Contests

Lucario Drawing Contest #1 ~ May 6/11 - 31/11

Team SJK
~1st Place Winner~

Riolu Drawing Contest#1 ~ September 10/11-October 21/11

~1st Place Winner~


1. Be a fan of or somewhat like Lucario and/or Riolu! Come on, this club is dedicated to them!
2. Just relax and have fun! There will almost always be some sort of a discussion going on, and from time to time there might be events such as small gaming tournaments for pokemon or other games or something else such as weekly questions.
3. Be active! I don't expect you to always respond to posts or questions but I do expect everyone to be active.
4. There is absolutely NO flaming, spamming, trolling, etc. Doing so will get you a strike. Three strikes and you will be dismissed from the club. (Of course accidental double posts does not count, we all know lagging computers and internet are annoying)
5. Please follow general PC rules.
6. Anyone is allowed to post new topics and discussions, not just the owner and co-owner.
7. When posting a new topic, please try to have it relate to Lucario and Riolu, and try not to stay off topic too much. You can post any kind of topic you like, but if it is not Lucario or Riolu related, please try not to stay on that topic for too long or post more random topics. This is a Lucario and Riolu club, keep that in mind! Also, just to let everyone know, going off our main club's focus will get us all in trouble, so rethink your topics before you post them if they are not Lucario/Riolu related!
8. If you get a username change, please let me know what your old username was so I can edit the member list accordingly. (Usually i'll be able to tell and adjust the member list myself)


You have 'strikes' which are little (*) marks next to your name. If you get three, then you will be dismissed from the club. As long as you follow the rules and don't do anything that will get you into trouble, you are unlikely to get a strike. How do you lose them? Well, they aren't permanent, and they will be disappear after a while. So basically, if you have a strike, and you start following the rules again, it will disappear.

Pokemon Partners

Since this is a Lucario and Riolu Fan club, you will only be allowed to choose between Lucario, Riolu, or both and you can fill in additional information for them too such as their name, what their personality is like, what their hobbies are, etc. Just for fun. You can also choose a sprite for your Lucario or Riolu and can have it changed at any time. All you have to do is ask either the owner or co-owner and provide the new sprite you want, and we will change it for you.

Lucario Sprites


- Lucario 1
- Lucario 2
- Lucario 3
- Shiny Lucario 1
- Shiny Lucario 2
- PMD Lucario
- Shiny Lucario 3
- Animated Lucario 1

Riolu Sprites


- Riolu 1
- Riolu 2
- Shiny Riolu 1
- Shiny Riolu 2
- Shiny Riolu 3

Sign Up Sheet

Gender: Are you a boy or a girl? (Male or Female)
Activeness: How active will you be in this group?  
Pokemon Partner: Your pokemon partner. It's either Lucario, Riolu or both so choose both or one. You can choose to include a name or gender for your partner(s). You can also choose a sprite for them out of any of the Lucario or Riolu sprites. If you do not choose a sprite, you will be stuck with the default one, but you can always change your sprite in the future.
Why: Any reason why you want to join?
Password: What is the password? It's right below you in a spolier... seriously.
Wave-guiding Riolu

Club Members


Fenrir Reki ~ (Nirai )(Reki )



Cosmotone8 ~ (Anubis)


*Riolu Master* ~
.Bacon ~ (Remi)
11wildy ~ (Fate )
15israellai ~ (Lucifer )
AlexOzzyCake ~ (Pourin )
AmiEkcona ~ (Quick Claw )
angelomanalo ~ (Da Human)
AoTora ~
ArceusIsPower ~
Aura.Lucario ~
Avishka ~
BakingBluePotatoe ~ (Lucifer )
BlazeGirl12 ~ (Alyraesia )
braixen ~ (Luka )
CloysterOyster ~
Dane Maitsu Puffizard ~ (Rucario) (Retro)
DenseTales ~ (Samanda )
Docowocool ~ (Luccy )
dragon456 ~
DragoShock101 ~ (Allon)
Dreaming Riolu ~ (Terra )
droomph ~
DualBlade ~
edward13two ~ (Ambrosios)
EpicGameBums ~ (Auramaster)
Fernbutter ~
FourCartridge ~ (Amy )(Mark )
Fighting Girl ~
Fujimori Tohru ~ (Luco )(Iru )
gameplayer56 ~
GoldenRayquaza ~ (Slash)
GuardianofAura ~ (Aura)
HellDog ~
ikaroschase ~ (Raiden )
Jarred0809 ~ (Luke)
Jbsundown ~
Joelzio123 ~ (StealthFist )
johnny18 ~
Klave ~
Lady Minchi ~ (Minchi )
LadyNyx ~ (Aurae )
lewieboy124 ~
lightshadow ~ (Shadow ) (Caliber )
Lucariokul ~ (Aur) (Rua)
Lucario Blaze ~
Lucariland ~ (White )
lucas5201 ~ (Chris )
lucario_is_awesome ~
Lucario9121 ~ (Ocean)
lucario giavlés ~

lucarioishere ~
LucarioGuild7 ~ (Lucario)(Reality)
Masterge77 ~ ( )
MeiChama ~
Mew ~
miltankRancher ~
mineox100 ~
mr.Alpha ~
NamePending ~ (Pending )
Nineray ~
Nymphadora ~
Obsideon ~
olih ~
Outkin ~ (Dusk )
Peresozo ~
PocketWatch ~
Pokechu12 ~ (Aura )
PokemonFanboysRule ~ (Kevin )
Pokemon Lady ~
PokemonLady82 ~
Pokemon Master N ~ (Sprlucario)
Rafael p ~
Rainerman3 ~ (Luce) (Auro)
Rio448 ~ (Rio )
roen52 ~ (Saria )
RyuNura48 ~
Saxonfaust ~
Sector Revenge ~ (Pharoh )
ShadoMaster ~ (Shado )
ShadowTheDarkrai ~
Sheep ~
[email protected]*inverted*EvE ~
Snivy121 ~ (Luke) (Dallen)
squirtle-squad ~ (Lucario ) (Riolu )
Ssj3 Pikachu ~
Tails05 ~ ()
Taposa ~ (Lucas ) (Rio )
TheFlufIsHere ~ (Clocks )
TheMasterLucario1 ~
THZskillz ~
Team_SJK ~ (Lupin Zulogio )
TheMysteryEgg ~ (Ricky )
ThePokemonArt ~
TheShiningStarlette ~
TrikWazHere ~ ( )
Xeberos ~ (Ryuzami)
xMikasax ~ (Daisuke ) (Katsuo )
xShadow46 ~ (Blue )
zappyspiker ~ (Ricky )
ZeganZoma ~ (Epros )
Zeroblivion ~ (Cauldron )
Zylasn ~

Banners and Userbars

Club Banners

By Lady Minchi

(The old club banner when this club was first created and didn't have a specific name)

By OokamiReki


By gameplayer56


(Working on a better signature + avy)