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    My nicknames were all based on traits of the Pokemon in question.

    Dewott - Seashell

    Tranquill - Journey

    Cubchoo - Sleet

    Deerling - Meadow

    Gothita - Lolita

    Pansear - Incinerate

    I traded a Cubchoo egg from my Japanese White to my English Black. It's an ice type, so I figured Sleet was an okay name. My Dewott was named Seashell because Oshawott has that shell thing on it's stomach. Pansear was named Incinerate because it's a fire type. Tranquill is Journey because, well, don't birds fly south for the winter? Most of them do in my state. I found Deerling in a meadow like area hence the name. According to Bulbapedia, Gothita was based on a girl dressed in gothic lolita fashion.
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