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Originally Posted by OokamiReki View Post
Have you bought pokemon black/white yet?
I bought it but I don't play it that often
Which starter pokemon have you chosen and why did you chose them?
I chose tepig as my starter because I usually choose fire pokemon as my starter.
i have both black and white, but i play white most often if im not on my ps3 or computer

i chose snivy, i have an impulse 2 pick a grass type almost every time, not cuz of the name, but the look and "diffaculty"* setting, but im sure its a roumored "diffaculty" setting, but i chose snivy and he is acculy quite a valued member of my team (lvl 23)

(diffaculty = starter, grass = ez, water = med and fire = hard) i heard this in school, not sure if its a true roumor of the series