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    Ok, I've started my Zanpakuto. Haven't actually got to it's abilities yet but it's half two in the morning and I'm supposed to be getting up at 7.

    Zanpakuto Name; - Dracille
    Type; - Kido
    Zanpakuto Spirit; -

    In Shikai state my Zanpakuto spirit has the appearance of a vampire woman in her early 20s. She has all of the basic vampire characteristics in milky skin, deep red eyes and of course fangs. Underneath a long black coat which she buttons in the middle she wears a bright red top and short black skirt ,if I can't have fanservice in my own soul where can I?. Apart from one ring which she always wears her jewellery changes every visit, the story behind the ring is still unknown although to achieve Bankai the Zanpakuto owner must find out it's meaning.

    She prefers not to but when she speaks she does so in a hushed tones, her vocabulary is large and her pronunciation is impeccable. When she's in a more upbeat mood she playfully uses her large vocabulary to confuse the Zanpakuto owner.

    She is often found sitting in the shade of a large Sakura tree reading or gazing intently at the ring on her finger.

    During battle she gives calm and well though out advice to the Zanpakuto owner.

    Picture of spirit in Shikai.


    The meaning behind the ring.

    I actually haven't completely thought through the specifics of this yet but the ring will be a materialisation of some inner problem the Zanpakuto owner has. To remove the ring this inner problem/darkness must be overcome.Generic shonen enough for yah? Once this has been solved the ring vanishes and the spirit becomes a happier and more content to give the Zanpakuto owner his Bankai.

    When in Bankai the spirits appearance and personality change. The pink hair ribbon that tied back her hair is now gone, as are her jacket and jewellery. She now wears a black veil over the lower half her face.

    Her personality changes even more than her appearance though. Previously calm and solemn her character is now the polar opposite of this. She regularly swears, her speech becomes more masculine and her movements change from those of an elegant vampire to ones reminiscent heavyweight boxer.

    The battle tactics and encouragement voiced to the Zanpakuto owner are still there although they are no longer well thought out, they tend to be along the lines of "KILL HIM, rip his ******* head off".

    When she returns to her Shikai from her Bankai state she blushes uncontrollably and apologises.

    Picture of spirit in Bankai.


    Release Command; - Bite down.
    Shikai Details; -
    Bankai Name;-
    Bankai Details; -

    Can you tell i was enjoying myself? :L