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Sorry for the obnoxious Caps Lock, but, I'm quite excited to start working on this again. Now that my exams are over and all of my classes have calmed down, I've got quite a but of free time on my hands now. However, I do have a small announcement to make; the game is being worked on from the start. My computer died on me, so, all of my work is gone. This does give me a chance to start from scratch! In celebration of this, I have created a new logo for this game. And yes, I am aware that I went a little overboard... I was having fun. :D

First and foremost, the introduction is being completely revamped and edited. I am currently working on the Prof.'s Assistant sprite, Eve. She is the one who introduces you to the world of Pokémon!

Secondly, I am revamping the overall story, since it isn't clearly stated in the actual story on the first page. Also, I'd like to welcome Cilebra to the team as a spriter! However, I am still looking for a mapper as Hamish is too busy with his own personal business.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the suggestions and support this game has gotten while I have been away. It makes me quite happy to see! I will be getting back to all of you with your suggestions! :D

Once again, thank you all!
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