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    ^ this also happend 2 me... except the movie happend b4 brawl... some1 cappable of all tht power... the looks... everything, although he wuz a bit harsh, he wuz also a softie at times, he wuz awesome durring the movie... but it sucked he died (it wuz a few years ago i saw it, not the ending i planned on watching, but it had me more respectful of him and his power, i grew attached 2 him the more i saw the movie)... but it wuz fer a great cause

    thn in brawl after i saw him, i used him more thn any char in the game, ya... he wuz tht awesome... his power, his moves... everything were top notch... he wuz perfect... any match i came accross usein him, 99% of the time i win, the rest, either horrable timeing, bad stratiges or just not rdy fer a battle at tht lvl (1 lvl 9 pika beat me in 30 sec o///o) other thn tht, im rly good w/ him

    the ammount of lucario pics i have on my comp and another site... i have around 230 + pics of him, he is tht awesome