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    I had created another day and night-system now with seasons. It's based on interdpth's RTC and supports R/S/FR/LG/Em in all languages. Unfortunately you must install interdpth's RTC in R/S/Em too to use this DNS-System. But this tool can install it, so you need only a few bytes of free space in your ROM.

    • ... Offsets in 32MB ROMs are supportet and you can decide if you want to write the Offset with the 8, 9 or nothing, 1.
    • ... the DNS supports battles.
    • ... I had to split the 5th time period in the script at midnight so I had decided to make 6 time periods.
    • ... you can decide to install all, the RTC and DAN, the RTC and seasons or only the RTC.
    • ... finally both systems (DAN and Seasons) writes an statusbyte in the RAM which represents the current time period and Season.

    Unfortunately i'm not allowed to post any links or pictures from the DAN, because i have less then 15 posts. So i must post censored links...

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