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Oh my goodness, nicknames. XD My main team's nicknames are as follows:

Kitani the male Haxorus (I couldn't think of anything to call him, and I asked my best friend for help, and this is what she gave me)

Kelladrie the female Chandelure (My first thought was Keladry from... a book series that I can't remember the title of currently, but I liked the name, so I altered the spelling)

Khorri the male Samurott (again, first thing that popped in my head)

Lillil the female Lilligant (I got her in the in-game trade since I've got Black, so couldn't rename her)

Saleyndra the female Zoroark (I wanted something that started with S, and... first thing I thought of XD)

Rekhumbria the Reshiram (Didn't want to stray too far from the name Reshiram, but still wanted to name it. So, this. XD)
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