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What are your thoughts on the Original Song episode?

Honestly, I was so relieved to see an actually good episode of Glee this week, especially because I thought the last two weren't so great. :/ I'm finally glad they brought Kurt and Blaine together at last, they're so damn cute together my heart melted.

As for the original songs, they were okay. The first one Rachel sang at Regionals (I don't know the name of it Get It Right?) was well sung and better than Loser Like Me, but I enjoyed the performance of Loser Like Me. It was pretty fun to watch~ :) Lyrics were cheesy as hell and the song didn't stand out too much to me either.

My favourite cover of the episode was Blaine & the Warblers' Raise Your Glass by Pink. I know a lot of people on Twitter were hyping the Kurt & Blaine cover of Candles by Hey Monday but tbh I didn't think it was all that great. Kurt's voice didn't really suit the song and Blaine sounded a little strained throughout, especially with the high notes. Aaaand I'm not fond of the original Hey Monday version so I could be a little biased there as well.

Overall, I really liked this epsiode! Kathy Griffin was actually pretty good in it as well. :o