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    Here is a list of Pokemon who I named:
    • Snivy (f) => Smuglord (I realized that my Snivy was a female after I named her...)
    • Tepig (m) => Kiai (I think it's like energy or something?)
    • Oshawott (m) => Derpderp (I thought it was a cute name for a cute pokemon)
    • Lillipup (f) => Asahina (She was cute, so I thought of Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    • Audino (m) => Jenesepa (Corrupted French for "I don't know")
    • Patrat (m) => Edward (I saw that it was called the "Scout Pokemon" so I thought of an old cartoon called "Camp Lazlo")
    • Ducklett (m) => Tubbiewubb (I thought of bathtubs, and scrubbing, but it ended up sounding like "Tummy Rub")
    • Munna (f) => Megurine (Named after a Vocaloid who sang a song called "Dream Eater")
    • Pansage, Pansear, Panpour (m,m,m) => Laellos, Lelales, Dasderdie (Different ways of saying the word "the" in Spanish, French, and German)
    • Throh, Sawk (m,m) => Cremassa, Caustholo (The first one is "Massacre" rearranged and the second one is "Holocaust" rearranged)
    • Cryogonal => Kuraiogna (Corruption of its English name)
    I always try to make the nicknames at least sound either unique, completely random, utterly left-fielded, or in another language, yet I always end up making it relate to the pokémon.