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Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

Someone said the exact thing on the Glee Wikia, was that you?!

Anyway, I adored Loser like me & Get it right <3<3<3 They were fantastic, Klaine finally happened and I must admit my heart melted I was like :B YAY. I was never a fan of the two, but now its happened and its just weeeeee 8D Raise your Glass was terrible, that should of been New Directions songs tbh, it's to upbeat for the Warblers. I didn't like Kathy Griffins character the <Lets sensor this word out n_n>

I'd give the episode a total 9.9/10 because it was just <3<3<3

Oh Hell to the no was quite amazing as well tee hee :')

April 5th is the next episode!
No, that wasn't me but nice to know someone shares the same sentiments.

Puck & Mercedes's original songs were pretty well done. I wouldn't mind hearing more from them.

No one is supposed to like Kathy Griffin's character, but I think she portrayed the Sara Palin character perfect. Love <3!

NOOOOOOO~! Ugh...start the countdown clock to April 5th. >_____<