Thread: [Spoilers] BW027 - Electrified by Emonga!!
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Originally Posted by Grassmen View Post
Well, Emolga is shown on a LOT of merchandise, as well as being confirmed to be a (fairly) important character in the upcoming movies. It does seem quite likely that someone will catch it :p

I'm hoping Bianca stays with the group after this episode, she's definitely one of my favourite characters. Shame BW026 is being delayed though.
Yes, and that merchandise is used to promote the games too. I know we've seen quite a few pokémon merchandise that has seemed to eventually join the gang, but most actually hasn't - including those ducklett, I haven't actually seen a lot, promoting the anime though. :P

On topic though, I am interested to see this Emonga - the "Beware of cute faces" makes me think of attract, so maybe even a Snivy battle. :D
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