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Review time:
Honestly, opening kinda sucked - starting with the song was funny, but the actual song sucked.

Heh, I totally lol'd at Only Child, "Oh damn you dads, why did you settle for only me, i'm an only child, more than enough for them - but not enough for me,"

Badass Quinn's back!! I really enjoyed her this episode. But honestly, like she said, without him she'll never be prom queen. I think thats really the only reason she wants him.
I lol'd when she said "I know what You're thinking, prom queen? You're smart, and super pretty, and relatively sane for a girl," and "Prom Queen live, on average, five years longer than regular people - it's probably because they smile a lot. And smiling has been proven to ward off diseases."

I loved Blackbird, it was really sweet and Kurt did an awsome job. :3

Wow, Trouty Mouth was just... oh my god. I laughed sooo much whilst she was singing, "I wanna put a fish hookin those lips," and "you could suck on a babies head" xD

Pucks song was really cool, I lol'd when he said "It's called Big ass... heart!" :3 I did have a nice touch, though I found the first few lyrics a bit much don't chya think? Although it was still kinda sweet and mega awsome.

I was just like "O.M.G" when Kurt and Blaine kissed, it was about time. Looks like the bird dying brought them much closer together. :D

HELL TO THE NO! I loved mercades singing this, she just killed it off. :D She like, full of Ultra Diva badass!
I lol'd when Santana said she had a second verse to Trouty Mouth, and sams note, "Hell No"

I felt so sorry for Rachel when Quinn told her those things, I think she went a bit too far - although it did give Rachel the push she needed for "Get it right"

I just totally lol'd at "Jesus is a friend of mine" seriously, though - bit much? I lol'd when they poped out with "hallelujjjjaaahhhh"

Candles and Raise your glass were pretty awsome, I loved that bit where Blaine jumped in and back during Raise your glass. (you'd know what I mean if you watched it)

I loved "Get it right" it nearly made me cry, I glad Finn liked it, the whole performance was amazing Rachel was just amazing, the lyrics were just... wow. That's all I had to say listening to it, "wow"

"Loser Like Me," epic, I loved it! I started singing along to it during the performance too. Choreography was awsome too, maybe could have been a little much better. The slushie throw was awsome too.

The judges were soo funny, I lol'd during the voting./no real input
Although Mary was hilarious, nun and former erotic dancer. "the one place I knew I could stay off the pole.
And Tammy, "before we start, I am not a witch" and "When I lost my last election, and there will be a recount, I didn't go around singing about being a loser, I twittered that Obama is a terrorist." xD

Rachel getting that NVP, I nearly cried when she was saying that speech. :( Overall it was a wonderful ending. :D
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