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    Originally Posted by Mark9 View Post
    When I get Snivy, 'Smugleaf' or 'D.Cameron' will be his name.
    That made me laugh!

    I have a compulsion to name all my Pokémon in a running theme, and it annoys me when I run out of names, or can't think of one... so this time I'm naming my Pokémon in alphabetical order, with Victorian-style names.

    My current team (you can see where I've switched out Pokémon for new ones with this system, which I kind of like):
    Althalus (Servine)
    Dorian (Purrloin, I thought Dorian Gray was a fitting reference)
    Friedrich (Munna)
    Ingrid (Drilbur)
    Katherine (Tympole)
    Lucian (Timburr)

    When I get to Z, I'm going to start going backwards until I reach A again, and so on. I'm hoping to get a big range of names this way
    Mobilis in Mobili