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    My current Pokemon nicknames.... those would be:

    M: Benny the Audino (I couldn't think of a better name..... fitting, no?)

    M: Ivy the Serperior (As a Snivy, his tail looked like ivy. Plus him being a grass-type, it fits. )

    M: Judo the Sawk (WAH! It dealt with martial arts, so...)

    N: Tricky the Victini (I was at a loss for names. :\)

    M: Mamepato the Unfezant (I liked Pidove's japanese name better. Thinking of renaming him Phantom, as in Phantom of the opera, due to his facial mask.)

    F: Thunder the Zebstrika (I thought of naming her Sparky, but it wasn't cool enough.)

    (P.S. M= male, F= female, and N= no gender.)

    I plan on nicknaming Reshiram once I get it. (not telling you what the nickname is... yet.)

    UPDATE: Actually, I have my Reshiram now. Wanna know what I called it?

    .....I nicknamed it.... Sephiroth. (The white hair. ><)

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