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Power Plant Event

This is the final event in the beta. Now that it's done, I just have to edit some trainers, change some texts and work on some side stuff, and then a release can be expected.

This event is similar to the power plant event in Infernal Legend. Once again, Team Rocket start by capturing Raikou. :3
Poor Raikou, in every one of my hacks, he's the first to be captured.

Once you complete this event, you'll get a bike voucher which you can swap in Glacial City for a bike.

Power Plant Sidequest

So this is one of the new sidequests in the game. Basically, you have to charge up all the generators in the power plant, and you'll get the shock wave TM as a reward. It's a very easy sidequest with a decent TM as the prize. :3
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