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Ok. Let me introduce me to this in a formal way. At least I hope it's going to be formal.

We were talking about bootleg games on the IRC here at PC, and I mentioned Pokemon Gold on the NES. I was told of this Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal, and after a few videos, I nearly died laughing. I hope you do, too, although I'm not the funniest guy. Shall we begin?

Table of Contents

Ep. 1. A New Adventure Awaits! (This post)
Ep. 2. I Choose You! No! Not Drugs! You! (LINK)
Ep. 3. To the Elf Grandfather and Beyond! (LINK)
Ep. 4. Beat the Mystery Kid! Return to the Lab!(LINK)
Ep. 5. Guixiang City and the Puzzling Puzzles! (LINK)
Ep. 6. Guixiang City! Facing Gymnasium Curator Heyaduo! (LINK)

A New Adventure Awaits!

Let's begin as close to the start as we can, shall we?

It looks rather like the Pokemon Crystal I got from the store. It don't look foreign to me.

I take that back.

I'd better change... What is this?

Boy? Gir? Sounds familiar...


So, I live in a world of Elves? Are they Santa's elves?

This doesn't seem correct. I never knew time had letters in it.

Yes, you are bad. You'd better get your sorry butt to the lab or this game will never fly!

You are demanding me to go to the Elves' Land? I thought I was there already.

And then you welcome me? Are you high?

/me hides.

They exist everywhere.......? Ok. I think I get it, but how are these elves also monsters?

There are secrets in the riddles and you do research... I never knew there was a science behind riddles.

At least this makes sense. But the names don't.

This will stand out against all the Engrish.

Do I get ready? You have to get to the lab! YOU get ready!

We are going to a land of Monsters? I hope I will live. Are they violent? Start? None of this makes sense. Explain it again.

Where is the Christmas music? There are elves... And no Christmas music. WTF.


What have I done to the power supply? Did I ruin it? Oops.

It's prohibiting me from taking out things. I hate PCs for that reason.

What a descriptive name, eh? Let's go downstairs.

What am I supposed to memorize? Everything that high, sleepy professor said to me? I hope I don't have to.

I have Elf gear? Am I in a hiring position to be one of Santa's elves? SIGN ME UP!

You know what? That I'll get the job? Job get!

I get elf gear. Where is the nametag with my amazing name?

So, this Xiuchi thing is my coach? I don't like that name. It sounds like a scam artist. Maybe I should tell Santa he's on the Naughty list.

The day of the week is not set, but you set it before I got it? Are you high too?

So, I have to insert a pin and select a holy icon? Is this pin my key to getting my job with Santa?

So it can add random people to my phone? Eew. There are stalkers out there, you know? I'll have to report them to Santa.


One. And only one monster. It had better not be Santa. Santa is no monster.

The amazingly epic bag.

There is a central house of elf reports? Where is this? I want to give mine steroids!

We are writing the report, then I save the report? I don't think I need assistance if there is a central house of bookkeeping.

I have no idea what to say. This is just fail.

There are elf experts? It must be Santa.

There is a world-class school RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE!?!?! My kids are going there. After I leave all my elf homies. Hey... I wasn't stalking you. It seems everyone is high today. Must be just me.

Ohhhhh.... That's the name of that doohickey mom gave me. It is what has the phone she was mentioning. I think I get it.

I'm going to the North Pole. I do have a job there, you know.

So, these monsters will fly off from caocuns and attack me? Maybe that snazzy school over there could help me.

Up next: Episode 2: I Choose You! No! Not Drugs! You!