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Originally Posted by popeymon View Post
Man sucks that i cant speak French cause i have no idea what to do with this? Like how do i edit the map?
Originally Posted by 805587804 View Post
SVN ver6 how to select the ROM editing?
I'll give a basic rundown of how to use SVN Rev6.

How to use DS Map Graphics Editor

When you open the program, you will have a screen with 4 buttons. Click on the button that is of the version you wish to edit.

Diamant / Perle - Diamond and Pearl
Platine - Platinum
HeartGold / SoulSilver
Noire / Blanche - Black and White

It also reads, "Note: Saving is automatic." The button "Importer les fichiers (Import files)" will open a window to tell you what files to extract for maps, scripts, music and (weather?) for each version. N/A means it has not yet been found.

After you select what game you want to edit, a new window will come up.

Fichier (File) has the options Retour au Menu (Return to Menu) and goes back to the version select screen. Quitter (Quit) closes the application.

Affichage gives you access to the worldmap of the version you are editing and a legend. I am trying to complete a translation for this menu. This is a rough estimate.

Légende (Legend)

Les paramètres de couleur jaune concernment spécifiquement les modèles possédant des portes.

(Parameters that are colored yellow are model-specific door types.)

Certains modèles avec des portes peuvent ȇtre mal positionnés après le changement de coordonnées.

(Certain models with doors can be misplaced after you change the coordinates.)

Si cela survient, essayez les modes M1, M2 ou M3 selon les indications données, pour déplacer correctement votre modèle.

(If this does occur, try modes M1, M2 or M3, as indicated, to move the model properly.)
A propos brings up an information screen.

Pre-release version SVN rev6

A permanent modifier for maps of the games Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and Black/White.

For more information on the program, you can visit the official site:

We thank Knizz for a visualizer, PokémonShinySilver for assistance, the various translators, and everyone else that contributed to the project.
Clicking Retour à l'interface returns you to the program.

On the left side, you can choose a map to edit. Not all of them can be selected, and if the error "Map non modifiable. Map non directement présent dans le jeu.", it reads, "Map not modifiable. The map is not directly present in the game." As of this release, only "Bonaugure" (Twinleaf Town) is editable. At the bottom, after selecting a map, Paramètres will change depending on what model you select. On the left, you have a model list. The other boxes can move the models around the map. The button "C" brings up a translucent window that can assist you in placing the model.

Groupes de Textures/Texture Groups
Here, you can modify textures. It's almost the same as models, but you can edit textures. Paramètres will change depending on what is selected.

Textures individuelles/Individual Textures
This changes only one texture at the moment. The text at the bottom reads,
There is one individual texture in this map. The texture is indicated in dots. Click on the area in dots first before you modify it.
Infos Mouvements/Movement Info
The text at the bottom indicates what to do.
Choose a movement permission from the list. It's respective blocks will appear on the map.

Click on other blocks to apply changes.
Musique's dropdown lists can modify the music, Jour being day (4:00 AM to 7:59 PM) and Nuit being night (8:00 PM to 3:59 AM).

The text below reads,
To modify the name of the map, specify the language of the file msg.narc.

The other parameters cannot be changed.
This should be all you need to use the map editor.

EDIT: Link, if you want to use this for the English translation, be my guest and use it. :D
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