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Some of the new features on this are completely amazing. I'm really glad that the overworlds face the right direction, and the map connections editor is so much better now - no more tedious testing for me 8D.

It's pretty cool that you can resize the block tileset sidebar thing, though I'm too well-adjusted to it being eight blocks wide so I wont be using it. BigBlock is a helpful tool, as is the multiselect event thing. Most of the features are awesome - I look forward to the bugtested version.

As a sidenote, the select tool - the eyedropper icon looks out of place in comparison to the rest of the icons. Another issue I noticed I think is down to translation - the message when you move to another map without saving your current one's title is "Frage", which I think is German or something. It's definitely not English though, aha.

Anyway, this will certainly make mapping an easier job. It's a great update from 1.92, and, athough I won't be using it on my main ROM for now to avoid any bugs screwing up my ROM, I'm sure I'll use the bugfixed version. Thanks Lu-Ho, you're a great asset to PC's hacking community. :D

edit: Another bug: The sidebar where the map lists are - if you scroll up on the scroll wheel, the list moves down, and if you scroll down on the scroll wheel, the list moves up. While I'm on the subject of the map lists, the ConnectionList is quite a nice addition though it seems really messy to me with all those uneeded maps etc., so I'mma stick with the Header list. :D

e2: Also, the fact that the save/don't save message prompts you every time regardless of whether or not you've made a change to the map is very annoying, I'd change that too.

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