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    Originally Posted by Coronation View Post
    The starters don't have capped evolutions anymore; my Orchynx evolved on Lv. 28. I don't know what the other starter's final evolutions look like anymore, but the least I can do is show you Metalynx.

    When Orchynx evolves, its Defense rises dramatically and it switches from Sp.A to Attack, although it doesn't learn any special attacks. Unfortunately, I was caught off guard by the attack switch, because my Metalynx is Bold =/ It's still decently strong though, and the defenses are awesome
    Okay, so they DO evolve then! :D Good to know!
    And that thing looks AWESOME. :3 Thank you!

    EDIT: Looking at the pokedex, the starters seem to only have one evolution. So! That is Orchynx's final form then. Sweeeet. I may have to play through this game again though, just to see the other starters'.
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