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Fishin' for Feebas

Once you get Surf in the beta, you can go to Unity Lake and fish for Feebas. Basically you just have to surf around and hope Feebas appears. This is a one-off event so if you miss Feebas, you've missed it forever. :3

I've added some devices to stop you guys from cheating so hovering over one spot won't work. The key to finding Feebas is constant movement and patience. And the encounter rate isn't that high either; 1 in 256 is very reasonable. :3

Eastward Cave Cut-through

I added some rocks that will disappear after the second gym so you can get through Eastward Cave pretty quickly. This will be useful because you'll have to go through this cave a few times during the beta.

Lapras Event

Once you get surf, you can battle the Lapras in Eastward cave. Once again, this will be the only Lapras available in the game. Or maybe it won't be... :3
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