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    Snivy surprised me with its strength. Ash's catching strategy wasn't the best, especially when three of his Pokemon fell under Attract. It was pretty funny when Ash brought out Pidove and it wasn't affected by Attract, then Cilan figured that Ash knew all along Pidove was a girl, Iris was impressed, then Ash was like "So, Pidove's a girl. Lucky break."

    It looks like "What a kid" will be Iris's catchphrase for Ash (and that's not good, especially since it's very irritating whenever she says that; Ash is a much better trainer than Iris will ever be).

    It's really nice that Team Rocket isn't after Pikachu anymore, unlike before, where they'd be planning a new strategy to capture it, then fail, every episode. It looks like they've got more important things to worry about. Thank goodness for that.

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