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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    Yay! 1.95 is almost here! I'll let you know if there is anything wrong.

    I can say Islands 4-5 is the Azalea Town theme. Also, the Magnifying Glass for finding Free space reads "World Map Editor" and opens the Free Space finder. The arrows for the connection editor (I LOVE THIS) has the "Find Free Space" tag. And, the player head says "Map Connections", and the Open previous map button says "Show Sprites".
    @"I can say Islands 4-5 is the Azalea Town theme."
    what do you mean with this, is this not in the musik list, or is that a error in musik list? ???
    @Toolbar: I changed the Entrynumber of Languagefile it use to show, but English was the only Language I forget to fix this in the file... (Synchronice Languagefile is not as easy...) fixed

    Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
    Some of the new features on this are completely amazing. I'm really glad that the overworlds face the right direction, and the map connections editor is so much better now - no more tedious testing for me 8D.

    It's pretty cool that you can resize the block tileset sidebar thing, though I'm too well-adjusted to it being eight blocks wide so I wont be using it. BigBlock is a helpful tool, as is the multiselect event thing. Most of the features are awesome - I look forward to the bugtested version.

    As a sidenote, the select tool - the eyedropper icon looks out of place in comparison to the rest of the icons. Another issue I noticed I think is down to translation - the message when you move to another map without saving your current one's title is "Frage", which I think is German or something. It's definitely not English though, aha.

    Anyway, this will certainly make mapping an easier job. It's a great update from 1.92, and, athough I won't be using it on my main ROM for now to avoid any bugs screwing up my ROM, I'm sure I'll use the bugfixed version. Thanks Lu-Ho, you're a great asset to PC's hacking community. :D

    edit: Another bug: The sidebar where the map lists are - if you scroll up on the scroll wheel, the list moves down, and if you scroll down on the scroll wheel, the list moves up. While I'm on the subject of the map lists, the ConnectionList is quite a nice addition though it seems really messy to me with all those uneeded maps etc., so I'mma stick with the Header list. :D

    e2: Also, the fact that the save/don't save message prompts you every time regardless of whether or not you've made a change to the map is very annoying, I'd change that too.
    @eyedropper: it's a symbol I made my own, I moved 1 pixel to right. fixed
    oh sh** I forgot credits to famfamfam... fixed
    @Frage: Yes it's German, my native language. I forgot to read it from languagefile (all Info/Error/Question) fixed
    @MapList-Scrollbar: This is the same in Explorer, scrolling down No Error
    @ConnectionList: yes, Nintendo had to have my tool on creating there Games, than there wouldn't be as much error in it (also at Event Positioning[Warps], and Movement Permission data are many errors of them...)
    The only idea of this list is to find the Maps used with setmapfooter command. (was recommended from different users... No Error
    @save message prompts: it only pops up if you change some thing. Also moving Events (and than moving back to previous position) is a change.
    if you think you really don't change some thing, say what you do, and I try to fix it. ;-) No Error

    Originally Posted by TheUnknowen View Post
    It looks really cool! =D
    But maybe you could do a Undo Button ? =)
    @undo: an undo & redo function is planed in on of the next versions. todo

    Originally Posted by link12552 View Post
    This is really cool.
    The paint bucket tool and similar additions you've made are great. :D

    I did find one bug:
    The block editor "blocks" tile set is one pixel to wide,
    resulting in a horizontal scroll bar and some blurring.

    Great work so far, can't wait for the final version.
    @blockeditor width: hm... not for me, seams because of Windows style, I made it 2 pixels wider anyways fixed

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Found a few bugs:

    Sometimes when using the connection editor and going to an adjacent map, the new map looks the same as the one that was just left. Unchecking and rechecking "Show preview" fixes it.

    You can't right click on the AdvanceMap icon in the taskbar (on Windows 7) to pin it or quick-load a file.
    That was always handy in 1.92.

    Also: AdvanceMap is back in production! Sweet!
    Will you release the code for compilation on Mac? Or at all?
    @connection editor: are you sure? You will always see the connection to the map you was before. the Picture with the current map is the on with red borders not confirmed
    @Windows 7: I don't use win7, and there (have it at business) I don't use the "quick-load" option. But I try to found out what I have to do, so this will work. todo
    @Mac: I will Releas a Mac-Binary (now with lazarus, this is not as complicated as with Delphi) todo

    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    Awesome, now all we need is animations to play. xD

    Some bugs:
    • The "Open previous map" button is labeled "Show sprites".
    • The "Show sprites" button is labeled "Map connections".
    • The "Map connections" button is labeled "Find free space".
    • The "World map editor" button is labeled "About".
    • The "Find free space" button is labeled "World map editor".
    • The "About" button is labeled "Open previous map".
    already reported and fixed

    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I found some of those. It kinda confused me for a minute. I'd say that it is purely cosmetic and could be corrected easily with the language INI file.
    yes, it's an error in Laugauge file and is fixed
    correct is:
    10=Open ROM
    12=Create new map
    13=Insert map
    14=Open previous map
    15=Show sprites
    16=Block editor
    17=Map connections
    18=World map editor
    19=Find free space

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    New bug:
    Sometimes when I open (or close) a ROM, it says something about a write error to AdvanceMap.ini.
    @AdvanceMap.ini write error: Always you open a Rom, it write last open file to the Ini to "quick load" it in the File-Menü.
    Is there a special thing you do? I don't have this problem...
    do you open AdvanceMap multiple times? not confirmed

    Originally Posted by aperso View Post
    when you click movement permissions all the letters/numbers are muddled up
    what do you mean with this, I don't understand it. ???
    Hello out there, you perhaps notice already, I'm no longer active in RomHacking.

    It's finally here, AdvanceMap 1.95 (Open Beta).
    get it: [Release] AdvanceMap 1.95 Open Beta
    Questions about AdvanceMap, found bugs, problems on using it? => contact me.

    All versiones of Advance Map are available on
    The newest version of AdvanceMap is AM 1.95 get it.

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