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    Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
    Awesome, I just opened up FR ROM with it. This update is nice, and the GUI layout alone is so much better. Also, is it just me or has their been a *major* speed increase?
    I hope so, that was also a reason for rewriting it, I do speed increase at all position i have a idea for.

    Originally Posted by Complans View Post
    Yay, it's here!

    The problem for me is, when I open it, there is no languages in the drop-down box..
    @no language: Than you haven't exctract the zip files correct!
    the ini files have to be in the ini directory, language files in subdirectory ini/sprachen. No Error

    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    What I mean is the song "0150 Islands 4-5 Music No. $0150" ( is the Azalea Town theme from GSC (

    Just something to add. Also, in the English version, it still has "Wahle Datei-> Laden... um das Rom zu Laden" on the bottom.
    @sounds: information added fixed
    @"Wähle Datei" fixed
    Hello out there, you perhaps notice already, I'm no longer active in RomHacking.

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