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Originally Posted by LU-HO View Post
@connection editor: are you sure? You will always see the connection to the map you was before. the Picture with the current map is the on with red borders not confirmed
@Windows 7: I don't use win7, and there (have it at business) I don't use the "quick-load" option. But I try to found out what I have to do, so this will work. todo
@Mac: I will Releas a Mac-Binary (now with lazarus, this is not as complicated as with Delphi) todo
Well, one time I went from one map to another and for some reason, the old map was duplicated as the 'current' map. I refreshed it and it appeared normally.

Also, will you be releasing the source code for A-Map publicly, in case somebody wants to contribute/make their own build with other features? Or f you stop making A-Map and somebody else wants to continue it?
Originally Posted by LU-HO View Post
@AdvanceMap.ini write error: Always you open a Rom, it write last open file to the Ini to "quick load" it in the File-Menü.
Is there a special thing you do? I don't have this problem...
do you open AdvanceMap multiple times? not confirmed
It was probably because I had it open in Notepad to apply my hack for the extended Emerald primary tileset. Not a bug.

By the way, the Islands 6-7 theme is also the Violet City theme, like the person above said about Azalea.
Also, could you perhaps add support for the displaying/adding of the tri-layered blocks hack that colcolstyles and I made (although separately)?
If you'd like, I'll give you a PM with info on this new addition.

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