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    @Musik Theme:
    "Violet City" is already in the musik_en.ini file:
    0151=Islands 6-7 (AKA Violet City Theme from GSC)
    already in

    @Source code:
    No I will NOT Release the code (as I say all who ask this before).
    If I decide to don't do Romhacking anymore, I will perhaps make it opensource under a licence of my desire.

    @tri-layered blocks
    A "Alpha"-tester also ask me this question.
    so, I say this to all:

    If you have created a new Function (ASM-Fixes), and share this with the whole World.
    I would also add special Change function for it in AdvanceMap.

    BUT: you should make it usable for All Rom Version, or in minimum for all Language off the same Version.

    Also if you want to share this funktion (and also the "extended Worldmap") i would add special functions for it in AdvanceMap.
    You have to say me, how I found out the system is build in, and how I have to save the data, so it works together. wait for details

    greetz LU-HO
    Hello out there, you perhaps notice already, I'm no longer active in RomHacking.

    It's finally here, AdvanceMap 1.95 (Open Beta).
    get it: [Release] AdvanceMap 1.95 Open Beta
    Questions about AdvanceMap, found bugs, problems on using it? => contact me.

    All versiones of Advance Map are available on
    The newest version of AdvanceMap is AM 1.95 get it.

    Greetz goes to:
    Mastermind_X, Tutti, Scizz, Darkmaster01, Tauwasser, F-Zero, Jiggly, Filb, Lugia2000, Mulle, Philb, Jay, TraX, Spacy, Mikaron, Coolman, CrazyNebulak, Arty und Serwe.

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