Thread: Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
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While browsing this section I found a post by colcolstyles (see below) about the amount of frames that the titlescreen in FireRed is displayed for. I then thought to myself "That'd be a good way to add an animation to the titlescreen!" and then I posted this thread.

Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
For anyone who's interested, at '0x078c1c' there is a 32-bit number (the default value is '0x00000a8b') which dictates the number of frames for which the titlescreen is displayed before resetting. The GBA operates at roughly 60 frames per second and '0xa8b' divided by 60 is 45 so the unedited titlescreen is displayed for 45 seconds. You can change that number (remember to reverse it) to lengthen or shorten the amount of time it takes for the titlescreen to reset.

This is for Fire Red, by the way.
Anyway, my idea is to inject a routine just before that check to change the tileset/tilemap of the Charizard on the titlescreen, based on the amount of frames passed, allowing for animations to be used.

This would be a much better way of having an animated titlescreen than anything done before now(I think), since more than 2 frames will be able to be used.

I'll let you all know how it goes!!

Success has been had.

It now works by using a data array that works as such:
word:   Pointer to image
byte:   Pause Length
byte:   Next Frame
hword:  Buffer a simple endless-loop animation (like in the video) would be possible, or you could play the first few frames once, then loop to a frame somewhere in the middle. Or you can stop the animation at the end by pointing to its own frame. The animation can be up to 255 frames.

So yeah, it just changes the tiles, not the tilemap, as that seems to suffice.

Any other ideas?

Zapdos in the animation:
あなた は しきしゃ です
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