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Okay guys!

As promised, I have now posted my sketches on deviantART. Now, I shall post them here! Feel free to keep making suggestions! :D


They are, in order from top to bottom..

Miltank/Tarus Pre-Evolution - Normal
Chibaki - Ghost/Fire
Unnamed - Bug/Dragon ( Redesign )
Zaphin - Water/Electric
Colire - Fire/Rock
Drimole - Ground
Furion - Poison/Fight ( Yes, it's an onion )
Pyrahoul - Dark/Ghost
Trapgon - Normal/Dragon
Bareon - Ghost Eeveelution

Oh, and in the coming days, I shall be revealing the starters! :D Here is a small in-game shot of what I have. And no, I am NOT mixing 4th generation characters with 3rd generation tiles. All of the tiles are merely placeholders until I get my tileset put together.

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