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That's old news u_u The League of doom is the name of the organisation that will bring Will down, Sandy, Dustin, Sue, Terri and VA.

They also have code names.

Sandy - The Pink Dagger - Mostly it's got the name Pink and it's Sandy
Dustin - Sergeant Handsome got that right The coach of VA making him a Sergeant in terms and he's bloody gorgeous C:
Terri - The Shrew - She's small? ;o;
Sue - Zod - Zod sounds evil.

The night of Neglect will focus on glee club members that have been neglected recently, so that's Tina, Mike, Brittany, Artie and Quinn, this counts for Song wise, so that's why Quinn is involved along with Brittany.

Mike, Artie, Tina & Brittany plan something that will cause a scene, and Mercedes becomes even more diva-ish ;o;

Song list.

How by Lisa Loeb sung by Rachel
One night in Bangkok by Murray Head, sung by Sandy
All by myself by Eric Carmen, sung by Sunshine with Vocal Adrenaline
Bubble toes by Jack Johnson, Sung by Quinn? Danced to by Mike
Ain't no way by Aretha Franklin Sung by Mercedes
I follow rivers by Lykke Li Sung by Tina
TBA by TBA, Sung by the Dalton Academy Warblers
TBA By Adele, Sung by TBA

Tina will be booed of Stage during her song, which makes it yet another song not released which is Tina's :( She hasn't had a solo since True Color's (Meaning her own song not a group number)

Sandy's will be the same; he will be booed of stage.

Quinn may not sing this song, it's kinda a blurry area, but it has been brought up.

Born this way spoilers

Anne Hathaway will appear in this episode as Kurt's lesbian Aunt Mildred and will sing 'You Are Not Alone' from the musical 'Into The Woods'.

Karofsky finally comes to terms with his sexuality. It is unknown if he comes out of the closet or not.

Born this way by Lady Gaga Sung by Blaine, Kurt and Dave with New Directions.
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