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Pokémon Shimmering Emerald
Developed by Crazyninjaguy

~ Introduction ~

Hey! I'm Crazyninjaguy, and this is my game, Pokémon Shimmering Emerald!
It's been a long while since i've worked on a Pokémon Game, the last attempt was Pokemon Almodine using Poccil's Pokemon Essentials.

I stopped development on Almodine because i felt it would benefit me more if i scripted everything from the ground up, completely from scratch. So i set about doing that, and decided to share my learning experiences by the way of releasing it as a StarterKit, which you can find in the main Game Development forum. Please don't ask questions about the kit in this thread, this is solely for my game.

I decided to do a remake of Pokémon Emerald simply because i love Hoenn. The way the region feels is different to any other Pokémon game, and gives the player a better experience.

So to further my learning, i'm making this game using my StarterKit in RPG Maker XP.

~ Story ~

Well i'm not too sure what to write in here, the game will follow the plot of Pokémon Emerald, but with quite a few deviations from the main story.

More information on that soon.

~ Team ~

Crazyninjaguy - Scripter, Mapper, Eventer, (Occasional) Spriter
Bzuma - Spriter
Camaniac - Spriter
thepsynergist - Music

~ Screenshots ~

They're what everyone skips to right? Well here you go.
Please bear in mind i started this game 2 days ago, so the variety isn't large.

~ Recruitment ~

Currently recruiting overworld spriters!

Please apply via PM with a sample of your work!

~ Credits ~

Myself - StarterKit (Not sure i needed to credit myself, but at least i won't get flamed by people saying, "You didn't credit Poccil!")
PrinceLegendario - Tiles
Kyledove/Kymotonian - Characters
carnyzzle - Music
Lightumbreon - Music
Aamelo - Littleroot Town Inspiration
Bzuma - Sprite Editing
Carmaniac - Sprite Editing
thepsynergist - Music

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