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    Main Team:
    Emboar - King - Love this name for some reason. It's rather fitting.
    Zebstrika - Watson - Watson is an adorable name, and also, it sounds a tad bit like watt? >.<
    Swoobat - Litae - Latin for bat or something. It's purty.

    Don't have the following yet but:
    Sawsbuck - Hermes/Antheia depending on gender - Antheia, goddess of flowers or earth or some other nature-y thing, and Hermes cause Sawsbuck seems light and quick.
    Carracosta - Tortilla - Tort. Oh I am so lame. But Tortillas are good.
    Swanna - Either Hera/Zeus depending on its gender - Sounds sorta...noble to me, fitting for Swanna.

    And my random Pokemon that I just...have.
    Pansage - Sun - Just extreme laziness and brainfart. Nothing else.
    Patrat - Padme - Alliteration LOL. And I like the name Padme.

    As you can see, I rather like my Greek mythology.