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Okay welcome to Pokemon Light's offical thread. This is the theird major try of this hack. While maintiaing the origanl storyline, ideas, while adding new tibits. The reason for starting over so much, is I keep progressing as a hacker, and my old work would get re-written by my new work. It started to not flow well, and was way to un organise. I hope to bring you the best hack I posiably can, please post, and share your opinion in any way.

Rom Info.
Code Base: Pokemon FireRed [BPRE]
Language: English

Your dad is the gym leader of your home town. As such you, and your best friend, who is the son of the world proclaimed professor, are loved in beacon city. Life there is fun, but predictable. Every year Professor Layton holds his annual pokemon competition; You and your friend decide to enter it. After participating and seeing all the exotic pokemon you and your friend decide to adventure forward, and explore the world on a research grant. A corrupt political party has participated in horrific experiments on pokemon. Professor Layton is also a detective who will be joing you on your quest to un mask the villains. It is in your best interest to get close to the top, and in doing so you and your friend enrol in the pokemon elite challenge. Battling all 8 gyms and becoming a pop star all at the same time.


A New Mailbox System were you can get messages for characters on events, mini games, items and just pain old small talk.
Custom Fakemon,some by me. Look Below.
A New Custom Sprited Hero/Heroin.
Some 4th, and 5th Generation Pokemon
Custom Tiles.
A storyline you have never seen before.
The Game Is more of a Free Lance Stlye. Meaning That you dont go from town to town. You go to one town, then back to another, then to a whole new town. Basicly even if you beat the gym leader, you will still be going back to that town again later. The amont of sceens, events, and sheer gameplay between each towns is a lot more than any normal hack. I am trying to make a hack that when you beet it, your pokemon will normaly be around 90's and hours taken around the 50's.
You can get other starters throw Side quest, remember to check your mailbox.
No Trade Evo's
New Gym Leaders
You can cook/synthesis items with recipes.
Its Possible to get every Pokemon and compleate your pokedex.
New Gym Leaders.
A telephone system.
A watch, and timed sidequest.
extra sidequest after you beat the game.
and more to come so make sure to check back!



Beta 1 Download Now!
Posted on August 29th at 1:48AM

The Team.
If you will like to join the team, or contribute in anyway you can do so by PM since the team thread is down. I am currently very intresed in a spriter, and an asm hacker who can help with the more complicated ideas I have.

Samike360 He has been a great help. Scripting from the beging before I was able to. Even when I make a mistake or get stuck he is able to fix any problem; it's truly amazing. I am quite grateful to have him on the team.
AnimeFtw Indexed a bunch of sprites for me saving me loads of time.
Ruka Prince/DavidJCobb Fixed all my horrible grammar and spelling mistakes. This is truly a big task and with out him this hack wouldn't run well.
Jambo51 He never applied but he contributed so many asm routines that he deserves more recognition. He is one the coolest asm hackers out there.
-Ty- Spriter (made the 3rd gym leader)

Now sence I wrote this new thread from scratch, I probably forgot some people. If that is you, I am trully sorry, please PM me and I will add you in the credits.

'worldslayer608' for banners he made on the original pitch of pokemon light.
'Mitchel1' For his rombase that made ripping, and inserting some Tiles quicker.
'Klydove' For his tiles in mitchel1's rom base and for other assorted tiles.
'Score_Under' For Script help and explaing to me the basics when I first started out.
'Full Metal' For Letting me use his css code to learn and expland apon.
'NiKaNoRoU' For Spritng the Lucario From the Title Screen.
'Darthatron' for his ASM Routine, and answering all my questions.
'JPAN' For his Hacked FR Engine that made everyones life a little bit easer.
'Alistair'-for the small tree tile.
'Full Metal' Made the amazing css, he is the best. :D
'Diegoisawsome' 3 Layer Tile hack.;Big help.
'princelegendario' Some tiles.
'thedeadheroalistair' Public Tiles
'wesleyfg' Public Tiles
'lightbulb15' Public Tiles

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