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Just some mediocre news ~

Margret Cho will guest star as Tina' mother, meaning Tina could get into some sort of trouble? This episode is supposed to resemble the Bad Reputation episode from S1 Same as Born this Way representing Theatricality from S1 Both being Lady Gaga centric.

Another song has been, well "added" to the list.

TBA by Sammy David. Jr Sung by Finn

Which is weird, since Sammy's songs are usually Pucks :c

Lauren and Puck have a funny scene and Quinn maybe involved.

Also the episode after Born this Way has had some info leaked.

April Rhodes's all-white production of Wiz has failed. Now she's after Will in order to gain support for starting a one woman show called "Crossroads". April will be singing an original song called "It's 10AM and I'm Drunk."

Puck and Lauren have a "hysterical" scene - Which makes me think the Scene from BTW is meant to be here.

Song list -So far-

It's 10AM and I'm Drunk by Glee, sung by April Rhodes.
TBA, by TBA sung by Mercedes
TBA, by TBA sung by Tina.

It's been confirmed that Santana is singing the Adele song, and also that Sam has a song but it's unknown what it was.

Also a very unlikely romantic pairing will take place, this makes me think it's Samchel, since rumor's were going around about Sam and Rachel since Sam and Santana break up in this episode.
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