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    Congrats to all the shiny catchers/hatchers so far! Quite a few cool shinies you guys obtained. Good luck to everyone else still hunting! Hope you see your shinies soon!

    My progress isn't much to look at since I haven't got any of the shinies I was looking at over the weekend. I am pretty sure I hatched over 300 solosis eggs using Masuda Method on Black and not one in sight yet. So, I took a break and started breeding Oshawott and still, no luck after probably 5 hours so I stopped for a while. I'll probably try again for Oshawott though I really would like a shiny Solosis. I haven't been breeding constantly, just playing on and off since I was really busy this weekend. So, here's hoping! *crosses fingers* I'll probably get back into the swing of breeding tonight and trying yet again.
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