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    Originally Posted by sky_queen3 View Post
    I've heard of some labeled 23 and 24 but not sure they'd really have 24 islands. Just a shame there seems to be no way to make them work.
    you can simply open it form the Connection List and than insert it as an New Map by pressing the "Insert Map" button.
    But of cores it is only the map view no scripts or some thing like this, because there are none of them inserted in the Rom (I think).

    Originally Posted by Thrasher24 View Post
    how do i make it that i can add other rare pokemon in game?
    (setup like moltres, zapdos, ect)
    This isn't a AdvanceMap Topic.
    New "Rare Pokemons" are WildBattle-Scripts.
    This question has ask also hundred oft times, please go to the Script-Help thread with this issue.
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