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    Originally Posted by DarkTorchic View Post
    Thanks I couldn't believe it either 2 shiny's one day but the day isn't over yet I also think this club is better it isn't so restricted as the other one. Good luck on the hitmonlee and get on your feet and go get your ds :D
    Haha, thanks! I did end up going into the other room, but I decided to leave one DS in each room - one to play when I'm supposed to be doing my homework, and the other for when I'm supposed to be playing video games! :D

    I actually decided to take a break from Hitmonlee to work on a secret target. (Haha, I bet y'all are thinking, "Give me a break! This guy changes targets every two days!" Yeah, I know I do, but it keeps up the interest, you know? Having 10 shiny hunts is a lot more fun than just 1, "lol!")

    Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
    Congratulations, those are very cool shinies! I hope you get more of the ones you want :]

    Good luck with your Drifloon and Hitmonlee hunt! I love shiny Drifloon, it looks so awesome keep it up, dude (and go get your ds lol)
    Thanks! Hopefully one of my [many] hunts will be successful!

    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    Probably not. You might be nearing 1000
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

    :D Yeah, you're probably right. I had about 1000 before, so now I'm probably around 2000 for Drifloon. Darn, these hunts take so long! I can hunt for an entire day and still not even be at 1/8 of the average time it takes to get a shiny! Boy, do I have a lot of work to do, "lol."

    Although, while my Drifloon hunts might only be around 2000, all my hunts cumulatively are probably closer to 100,000!

    Originally Posted by DarkTorchic View Post
    Got a new shiny to ad to the pokedex . A shiny electrike by chaining got on 42 and caught it with and luxury ball.

    And everybody good luck on the hunts :D
    Another one!? Wow, you're on fire! (No wonder your Torchic is dark - you burnt it! ) That's incredible, getting five shinys in a month. I'm still working on getting one! :D

    I just realized that I'm busy all of next weekend too, so I won't be able to get B/W/SS for maybe a month now. My plan was to tell my parents I wanted a different game to give me an excuse to go to the store to buy them, but now they're being hesitant with even letting me buy the game I was going to use as an excuse to go, "lol."

    It would be really ironic if this club ended up like the last one with the Owner leaving for years...Landorus hasn't posted in a couple of days! *pokes* :D

    Good luck to everyone on their hunts! In particular, to NightOfRemorse, MetalMario, Runasutaru, and Raichu1988! DarkTorchic already has enough luck/chaining skill, "lol!"

    EDIT: Runa, when did you start the KFC hunt? Wasn't that, like, 5 years ago? Wow, that's a long time to be shiny hunting, Grandma! :D
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