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    Rukario is Lucario. It's just Lucario's name in Japanese, but it's the same pokemon.

    Time for another question:
    Let's say we live in a world of pokemon, and all pokemon were real. What would you do? Would you battle trainers for the glory of being the best trainer ever? Would you just kick back and relax with your pokemon? Would you become a Pokemon Ranger instead and have pokemon help others and the world? etc
    I would probably do a mix of things but the one thing I would be would probably be a Pokemon Ranger. Since I could befriend pokemon, I could use that as a tactical advantage in battles or for my own personal gain such as help carrying things around from place to place or traveling places faster when I can't go anywhere. I would relax a lot too with my pokemon, and I would be watching my friends have friendly battles every now and then.

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