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    Don't really see the problem people are having with DeSmuME. Runs at perfect speed on my system, no crashes ect.

    I've used no$gba for a little over 2 years and from my experience I'll say that no$gba is good if you have a slow computer. (My old computer was terrible but no$gba ran fine, DeSmuMe just lagged like crazy)

    After getting my new system I tested out DeSmuME and it worked perfectly. (Almost same speed as in a DS game, didn't have the same glitches that I got on some ROMs that I did with No$GBA)

    So for me
    DeSmume wins
    No glitches/bugs with roms
    Wi-fi support
    Doesn't lag (No$Gba lagged hard on some lucky star game I was trying to play )
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