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Originally Posted by PomBoy View Post
i'm loving this game,
the only problem is i keep getting stuck...
would help if someone made a guide.

i cant find parasect after the battle,
or james after i went into his mansion,
i dont know whether i can still do the bulbasaur quest as i now have venosaur..
i dont know how to find the meowth for the children
and just past the school if i keep going there's just a big patch of grass, not sure if this is the end but i still havent done above quests + jigglypuff.

please help?
After the battle you need to find paras in one of the trees
You need to go to the marriage and help james escape in the james mission
You cant do the bulbasaur mission
You need to go to the store where you first started the paras battle to buy a berry or juice for jigglypuff then it can sing again.
The grass at the end is the end of the beta. It will be updated at a later time i guess
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