Thread: Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
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    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    Yeah, but not with the way they are stored in the B/W ROM, since they are stored as "parts" rather than full frames. But if you make/find full frames, and give me the order, I can make a video showing it.

    EDIT: I got bored an put in Zapdos' animation. Well... kind of. Just the frames. Not the FULL animation, though that is very possible.

    There is a downside to this hack, though. It takes quite a bit of space. The entire Zapdos animation (frames, tilemap and routine) take up 11.55kb (11,828 bytes) in the ROM. Which only works out to about 0.0007% of the entire (un-expanded) ROM, but it's still quite a bit.

    nice vid man

    i'm guessing that you should probably complete the hack before you input the titlescreen...
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